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Healthy Food

Meal Prep & Fridge Filling Service 

Meal prep and fridge filling days are charged at a daily rate or half day rate plus the cost of ingredients, during this time Kirsty is able to cook a full weeks worth of dinners which can be stored in the fridge as well as frozen down for later consumption. 

We understand that life can get busy so Kirsty has set up a meal prep and fridge filling service for clients based in London. Meals will be prepared and delivered in microwavable containers. Kirsty will work with each family/client on creating weekly menus that fit in with their specific needs, what ever they are, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten and lactose free options. What ever your meal prep needs are, contact Kirsty so she can discuss your needs with you and create bespoke menus for you. The cost of having this service will be an hourly charge plus the cost of ingredients making it an affordable option for everyone. 

Grilled salmon, tender stem broccoli, giant herb couscous with feta, herb butter 

Roasted butternut squash risotto with crispy shallots 

Sautéed beef fillet, roasted garlic and butterbean puree, crush new potatoes, red wine jus

Courgette and mint fritters, smoked cottage cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted duck breast, sautéed  Brussels spouts with cherries and pancetta, rocket salad

Grilled sea bass, greens beans and crispy shallots, parsnip puree, herb butter

Healthy Meal prep in London
Healthy food delivery in London
Meal prep in London
Meal prep in London
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